About jackson-parker by detlev


Jackson Parker originated with founder Detlev Gessner’s passion for hand-crafted aromatherapeutic candles—along with his desire to produce ongoing revenue for autism advocacy.

“I love candles and had always wanted to create my own,” says Detlev, a renowned beauty industry leader and owner of the award-winning Detlev Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Miami. “It’s so important that my candles are vegan and cruelty free, that the aroma absolutely changes your mood, and is powerful enough to fill up the whole room.”

A portion of Jackson Parker’s profits fund programs for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Detlev named the company after his two sons. “Plus, it’s a business that maybe one day I can pass on to my two kids.” 

Jackson & Parker

The brand’s hand-poured candle line started with a variety of essential oil blends that Detlev created under the guidance of master artisan candlemakers. Using his upscale salon environment as a testing ground, Detlev launched Jackson Parker with the two most popular candles among his clients, featuring aromas they couldn’t stop raving about: Jasmine Sandalwood and Basil Lemongrass.

Though Detlev’s salon was instrumental early on for testing Jackson Parker’s first products, the candles are now only available online and in select shops. Long-term plans for the brand include expanding its aromatic blends and lifestyle product offerings.

“The most important aspect of the Jackson Parker brand is integrity,” Detlev says. “From start to finish, this is a labor of love.”